Web Administrator's Guide
Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Managers: Create

Account The Account manager allows you to view your current services, upgrade your package, purchase additional services and manage your organization's contact information.
Designs The Designs manager allows you to search for and select designs for use with your website.
Pages The Pages manager allows you to manage the pages and structure of your website. This manager is where you will publish the majority of the content in your site.
Events The Events manager allows you to create and maintain a searchable calendar of events and activities.
Albums The Albums manager allows you to create and manage interactive photo albums.
Syndication The Syndication manager allows you to create and manage content distribution and syndication using RSS feeds, Podcasts and Blogs.
Panels The Panels manager allows you to create reusable blocks of information that can be displayed in various areas on your pages, events and resources.
Resources The Resources manager allows you to create a searchable, cross referenced library of anything from people and skills to online newsletters to job openings and organization classifieds. With a little creativity, the value of the Resources Manager is virtually unlimited.

Managers: Connect

Polls The Polls manager allows you to provide visitors the opportunity to speak their minds...which also happens to generate interest, build goodwill and allow you to keep in touch with the opinions of your users.
Requests The Requests manager allows you to provide visitors the opportunity to make specific requests for materials, people, funds, etc. within your organization.
Discussions The Discussions manager allows you to provide visitors the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your organization through personal interaction. Discussions are also a great tool for coordinating and archiving inter-office communications.
People The People manager allows you to provide visitors the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with your organization by sharing valuable information that will help you stay in contact with them and better meet their needs.
Volunteer The Volunteer manager allows you to manage projects and volunteers by describing and distributing volunteer opportunities and their requirements; allowing volunteers to describe their skills, certifications and interests; and matching qualified people with available opportunities.
The Media manager allows you to add and share your own audio and video files on your website and E-zekiel.tv. Easily feature media you want to highlight and allow visitors to download files associated with your media - like printable notes.

Managers: Communicate

The Groups manager, in concert with many of the other managers, provides the framework for relating content to people, sending targeted email, allowing visitors to personalize their experiences with your site and restricting content availability. Examples

Communications The Communications manager allows you to email specific groups of people based on selective or elective membership in groups within your site.
Store The Store manager allows you to manage your own searchable catalog of products. Choose from several integrated payment gateways including Paypal and Verisign Payflow Pro. (Separate agreement with payment gateways is required.)
Statistics The Statistics manager allows you to measure how successful you have been at communicating your message. Using Google Analytics, track your web site's usage patterns, determine which pages are the most popular, discover the peak days and hours in which your site is most active and compare current traffic patterns with previous weeks and months to help you gauge your web site marketing efforts.

Managers: Collaborate

Community Builder The Community Builder allows you to create virtual intranets and extranets based on group membership. The Community Builder enables additional options within your Pages, Events, Resources, Discussions, Store, People and Groups managers which allow you to exercise complete control over content access.