Web Administrator's Guide
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Can I put my own copyright in the footer area of my site?

You can add your organization's copyright information next to the "Powered by" tagline in the footer area of your site.

To add custom copyright information to your site, open the Pages Manager, then click "Home Page Settings". Enter the appropriate information in the "Copyright" field, then click "Save".

If you'd like to add a symbol – such as © or ® – please be aware that these symbols cannot be typed directly into the "Copyright" field. To add a symbol, place your cursor in the content area of the page and click the Insert Special Character Insert Special Character button icon on the toolbar. Select the desired symbol then cut and paste it into the "Copyright" field.
Note** - If the "Powered by" tagline is removed during the customization of a design template within the Designs manager, neither the system copyright information nor your organization's copyright information will be displayed.

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